Thursday, 1 August 2013


MAGIC STAMP FOAM has many uses - when heated it can be imprinted with anything with a texture -ie, leaves, string, buttons, twigs, chain, lace, Hessian etc...
Hydrangea leaves have good vein
detail for impressing onto Magic stamp foam.
1. IMPRESS IT!  Heat with a Heat -tool for a few seconds and press onto your texture - 2 arranged Hydrangea leaves, for a few seconds.  With this imprint, just ink up (I have use Kaleidacolour Carribean Sea) and print.   I have added Crystal glitter with a glue pen to detail veins in leaf.  
IF YOU ARE NOT PLEASED with the impression - clean, heat up again and impress again - MAGIC!

The Rectangle of Magic foam as a shadow stamp!

2.  SHADOW SHAPE! Make a rectangle shape the same size as your favourite greeting stamp and use with a pastel inkpad to create a "shadow" for the greeting.  I have printed the HAPPY BIRTHDAY greeting into the shape using a bold colour ink on top of the pale green "shadow".  ( I used Brilliance -Thyme).

Twigs made this "Savannah" style background using Brilliance Beige, Rust &
Coffee Bean inkpads to print before adding the black Peel-Off.
Buttons make a good background for many designs!  I used
Kaleidacolour Berry Blaze - a lovely bright range of colours.
3. CUT A SHAPE!   Cut out a Heart shape - or a "brick", oval,
I cut out a Heart shape in Magic foam and impressed with Rosemary
from the garden!  Friendship hearts!

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