Tuesday, 30 September 2014

NEW Bubble Tree!

SPARKLE & SHINE stamp designs by Jan - all ready for a workshop next week.
Incorporating Buttons, Punched Snowflakes, Gems,  Stickles, Liquid pearls and all things to fill those cute little "bubbles" in these delightful stamps by Jane Gill at Woodware.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

MORE box cards for lots of occasions...

Owls (Peel-offs) in black and tan , craft card, brown card, floral papers make up this Hoot of a card!

Gents stripes and a Stamped and embossed greeting (cut into 4 parts) make
 this smart card for a gents birthday..of any age!

Again, I have used Peel-Offs for the NEW HOME theme for my friends who have just moved! 
Acetate strips make the attached houses Wobble, but keep firmly in place!  I have also placed the NEw Home message on a WOBBLER for a bit of extra wobble!

A flowery cards -that folds flat to post

Another idea...

A floral box card with a cascading greeting (from a set of words by Jane Gill - Woodware)
Background paper made using the Creative pallette -shades of greens are so useful!

Friday, 4 July 2014

Heart Box card - that folds flat to post!

"Wireworks Heart" Peel-Off used to make this Heart box card -for an anniversary or for a wedding!
Close up of hidden detail!
    Jans designs of BOX CARDS will fold totally flat to post.

All made from an A4 piece of card!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Glitter with Stencils and dsa sheet!

The Glitter Gallery - by my class last week!  What alot of glitter. 
We used Stencils onto Double sided sheet -add glitter to space, remove stencil, then add contrasting glitter to leftover dsa surface!  Ooooh lovely! 
TOP TIP - Always use a natural soap on back of stencil to prevent it from sticking really tight to dsa!  Or you will not be able to remove it without bending it!!

Pink glitter first - than Crystal glitter next!  Oh so gorgeous!

Jan and Mandy giggling over glitter!!

Pats perfection paid off!

A steady hand - Heather I think!

Designs for mens cards...

Ideas for men...well these 2 could not be more different could they! 
Paper pieced spotty PANTS  for a Birthday boy or Captain Underpants! 
This small set (£4.05 in Japonica)is  by Francoise Read and has 4 greeetings with it to make the most of your pants! 
Captain Underpants, Birthday Boy, Happy Birthday  and Happy Christmas - its all covered!!
The ship is a gorgeous collage style stamp by Stampendopus -I have added Frantage in Marine Blue -very apt, and some Ivory frantage with  craft card.  All printing done using Versafine Majestic Blue - a very rich colour!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Summer Blooms!

Summer Blooms in ice Cream colours!  I have used Jane Gills MINI FLOWERS set (£6), and a
NEW Bracket punch, some coloured linen card and white embossing!  AND just a bit of cutting out! 
I hope you like these ideas.  ???I thought Summer was on its way....??? Hmmm?