Wednesday, 20 July 2011

July Offer of the month...

July had me thinking about gardening. Ed is wondering why as I never do any -I just like the flowers and foliage for flower arranging. 

However, back to July -I chose a gorgeous set of clear stamps by Stampendous for Japonica's July offer - it is sooo lovley.  I hope you like the things I have done with it.  Cork, raffia and jute feature alongside these stamps as they help to depict the Gardening theme very nicely.  The stamp set is £13.60 and you get FREE jute, raffia and a box of Woodwares flowers to go with it.

Jenny Mayes- Hobby Art designs

Well. here I am again - and I have photographed the card desings we made with Jenny on her visit.  All these stamp sets are in stock...of course.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Jenny Mayes visit to JAPONICA

Here is a bevy of gorgeous workshop ladies at Jennys workshop at end of June.  We made some beautiful scene-it cards incorporating windows and British Countryside.   As ever, Jenny was great fun and full of energy and enthusiasm...but we managed to keep up-just!

We can't Wait for the next workshop -in NOVEMBER.

And in JAPONICA on the SATURDAY...

Jenny had a birthday on that day and many customers wished her a Happy Birthday weekend...and Mike brought her chocs too...and she had some gorgeous cards.

Hello - I'm a very new little blogger - so bear with me if I make a muck-up of this one!  Here goes...
 A Punch Craft workshop in June produced some great results - 3 very bright GERBERAS  on a long card - all were FANTASTIC!  Here are the ladies results!