Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Close-up of Liquid Pearl detail
Tree & Baubles Doodles set

BLACK MAGIC in October!  I wanted to use this method because some of the NEW stamps out this season, really were very suitable for this technique.  It is important to choose solid or semi slid stamps for this technique as the larger areas of white print allow more pencil colour to be added.

1.  Print with a White Chalk inkpad (Versamagic-Cloud white -Dewdrop
      is only £1.70). Allow to dry.
2.  Use Watercolour (or very soft)pencils, to colour in areas - I like to keep to
     1 or 2 colours and match with white/coloured layering to
      match. (you will find they will sit on top of the matte finish of chalk
      inkpads very easily!
3.   NOW THE FUN!   Embellish with Liquid pearls or Stickles to enhance  some areas as you wish.

Large Doodle Tree

The Big Tree in this Doodle Tree - all done with Pinks - very pretty.  You can see how the Pink penicl sits well and the Liquid Pearl really enhances this print. I have added an extra layer of White and Pink onto a white card - the extra white really makes it stand out well!
The pink Spotty ribbon is just the finishing touch - and I have added this to the spine of the card in quite an extravagant way!

Jade Green has been used on this Poinsettia card -along with dark reds to create a very different look for his POinsettia set of stamps.
All of the small stamps have been used to create a festive ad interesting border too -check out theHollyberries, leaves, birds etc.
Jade Green ribbon has also been added tomathc the layering. The message is also from this same set of stamps.
ALL OF THE ABOVE STAMPS WERE FROM CLEAR STAMPS by WOODWARE CRAFT COLLECTION - All in stock at Japonica now -with even more ideas and samples to inspire you this Christmas season!

Thank you stopping by my blog.

Black Magic Poinsettias


  1. This is lovely! I think I may have to have a go, you are a clever bunch down there, thank you

    1. Thank you Dorothy! I loved doing it! And it has given Liquid Pearls a revival too! They are lovely - and I had forgotten all about them! Isn't that Lime Green glorious!