Saturday, 14 July 2012

Jans shading with pencils

This weeks FREE demo in JAPONICA was all about shading with pencils ...and Peel-Off stickers.  Some stickers with larger spaces to colour-in can be a bit dauntng - so here are some tips on how to get the best results using this shading technique.

TOP TIP no 1 - Really rub on the back of the Peel-Off to stick it down well, so the pencils tip does not shift it!
TOP TIP no 2 - Choose your colours well 2-3 shades.
TOP TIP no 3 - Use good quality pencils as they blend better.  (I use Sakura Bruynzeel -all available at JAPONICA -boxed sets or sold  inidividually - 48 fab colours that blend really well)

3 colours used for this one - red, peach and brown!
Pink and Magenta for the next one...

Start at tip of flower - using a strong colour - and "feather" the colour down the area.  Use the same colour at opposite end of shape (or use a 2nd colour if wanting to use 3 colours total).  Then add another colour to the central area -shading over the 1st (and 2nd) colour -to blend - you will get an interesting shaded area of colour!
I hope you like these simple cards.  I have tried to show you quite an assortment of colours that have shaded well together.   The colours I used are all labelled on the samples in store. 

Blue, grey and white for the Elelgant dress...
and then Lavender and Pastel pink with an orange background for this neat flower..

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