Friday, 11 October 2013

Kinetic Christmas cards

Any cards that shake or move in a different way are a delight to receive at any time - I think these are lovely for families with samll children!  The Penny slider has very simple mechanics behind the Sheep to make it sli-i-de along - 2 pennies attached by a small rectangle of 3mm foam tape to make it pass freely down the channel in the bottom of the card.   The sheep can run along or a flower can tumble -if you use a circle of foam tape to make it go round and round!
A Penny Slider (Hobby Arts "Sheep in meadow" stamp)

Victorian kinetic card (triple-folded)

Close-up of 1 of the small images at bottom of card.
 I loved the images on this paper - what a find!  The kinetic triple fold can take a little time to fill all of the places - so these images really saved time!  I used some dark red card to layer and cream/red paper to trim the card. (all from our range of 12x12"papers at Japonica 50p)

All of the images were on this 12 x 12" paper - ONLY 50P for all these vintage images!

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