Thursday, 12 April 2012

My visit to FLORIADE, Limberg, Holland.

On EASTER Saturday Mr C and I went to the FLORIADE Horticultural Expo in Limberg, Holland. It only happens every 10 years and it was a great day out. We went with our Dutch family JIll and Jan Van der Meijden who we stayed with for Easter.  This chrysanthemum display was a most colourful crowd of Easter!  These colours are very typical of this time of year aren't they?  Mother nature knows a thing or two!  I love how the lime greens and purples sit so well with the touch of pink and yellow.
 Mmmm1  Can you feel the fragrance?  These are the most delicious of all Spring flowers for me - I just adore this scent.  I cannot imagine Spring with out Hyacinths, can you?

Orchids were abundant at Floriade and amongst the most exotic and extravagant flowers.   I love the shapes and colours of them - but I feel something is missing because they have no perfume!  You can't please all the people all of the time.  BUT they are gorgeous aren't they?

Crows? Here are 3 young students posing as Crows!  They paraded around the Floriade and kept in character all day!  Magnificent - but not my camera work - sorry!

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