Monday, 25 March 2013

Gilding Flakes

Gilded Grasses
The Grasses have been printed onto lime green card, using Onyx Black Versafine ink.  When dry, I have applied ZIG glue pen (one of my "can't live without" tools!) to tops and sides of grasses and left to dry to a tacky finish.  Then SILVER GILDING FLAKES have been added - do this inside a large plastic bag to keep them contained!

This background has been acheived by simply using double sided tape (NEATLY) in stripes over the card front. Silver Gilding flakes have been applied and then excess swept away with a firm brush and a soft scouring pad.

The stamp set is from the range of singles clear stamps (£6) from Woodware and includes the message "HOPE YOUR DAY IS GLORIOUS".

Gilded Peel-Off Flower
This gorgeous NEW Peel-off sticker by Jane Gill (Woodware) has been removed in 2 parts, the stem has been placed on the card first and then the flower head was applied to a square of Double-sided sheet and cut out.  Assorted Gilding flakes were applied to the sticky surface and then gently scrubbed away, leaving the bold black outline. 

TOP TIP - I prefer Black -off stickers when using Gilding flakes as they create a really bold ouline!

Sticky foam letters and borders

This was a really "quick fix" for using with Gilding flakes!   I needed 2 quick cards for men this week - so....  I have used foam double-sided sticky letters and sticky peel-off borders!

"Cheers" and "Birthday" with bright "BLOKEY" colours!  Dark blue with copper and silver with red and black.  Names could also be spelled out!

All gilding flakes (gold, silver, copper) in stock are £3.99 per box (1g), and the asst is £4.99.

* Next weeks FREE DEMO is "Making a mini book/card" including lots of fun verses!


  1. Great ideas with gilding flakes Jan love the peel off & the background to the grasses especially but they're all stunning. Debs x

  2. Pretty..nothing like a bit of gilding to accentuate a wonderful image. Lovely stuff.