Sunday, 2 September 2012

Using Sakura Glaze pens with glitter

POTS TRIO in black peel-off stickers.
 Attach the Black peel-Of stickers to the acetate card. 
ON THE BACK of acetate, add colour with the Sakura gelly roll GLAZE pens.  Colour an area and then add crystal glitter, then colour an area NOT next to that area and add glitter again.  This method will not be hurried -so be patient.  Colours will run into each other when wet!  I have allowed te blues on the leaves to run so it adds depth to my colours.  I used my favourite colours for this - 3 blues (Sapphire, navy and aqua) and white for these pots. 

Stylised Flowers for someone special!

Same method - backed with white card to the inside of the acetate card and then with a complimentary colour onto the back part of the card -for my message.

Keeping the glittered area on the back of the acetate leaves a shiny glitzy clean finish to the front of the card - allow to dry thoroughly for 30 -60 minutes.

Butterfly was placed onto a spare bit of acetate and allowed to dry thoroughly before cutting out and attaching to top of my design.  (a Didi glue dot is best for this)


I have cut a square window in this square card for my Christmas Bell to dangle in!  The surrounding area was decorated with small Peel-Offs from the same sheet (Noel and extra holly berries & leaves).  I have coloured the Leaves with green glaze pen and added trios of red dots to fill in space.  These pens work really well for this!   A bit of practise is all it needs - just 3 little dots!

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